The Process

Writing a book is like building a house.

You need to follow a specific step of steps in a particular order. Here’s how we’ll put your book together:

Building the Foundation: Your Brand Strategy And How Your Book Fits In

How will your book support your brand? How will it fit in with the other ways you market your business? What do you want this book to do for you, your company and your career?

Drawing Up The Blueprints: Creating Your Book Outline

This is the fun part – honest! This is where we brainstorm all the potential ideas. If you already have a draft or even a few chapters, we can use those to get started.

The goal here is to get everything out of your head and into a place where we can play with it, move ideas around and come up with the structure. Then we can create the outline.

Building The House: Time To Write!

Once you have a writing plan with SMART goals, it’s time for you to write your book! I’ll be there along the way to hold you accountable and help you get unstuck. The more motivated you are, the sooner you can have your first draft done.

Review: Does The House Match The Blueprints?

Now we need to make sure that the book you wrote matches the framework we built in Step 1. I’ll do a full edit of your manuscript with specific feedback for you to work into your second draft.

Design: Formatting, Design and Preparing For Publication

If you’d like additional help after the first draft is complete, I can help advise on working with other vendors throughout the publication process. This is priced on a retainer basis and can only be purchased if you also buy my basic book package.

Questions? Book a discovery call so we can go into the process in more depth.