You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Your coaching or consulting business is successful.

Now you’re ready for the next level – to become a published author.
It’s time to demonstrate your expertise to a wider audience. To show the world there’s a different way of doing things. Your way. And it works.

Now is the time to write your book. The one you’ve been thinking about for years. Maybe you even have a half-forgotten draft on your laptop somewhere.

You’re ready to grow your business. To position yourself as a leader in your industry. To increase your influence. To jump-start your speaking career.

But …

You have no idea where to start. There are so many questions:

Does my idea work? Will anybody buy my book? How do I put this all together? Is my message clear? Where do I find the time to write? Do I self publish or go the traditional route?

It’s easy to feel frustrated, overwhelmed and confused. There seems to be an endless list of questions to answer.

I am here to give you peace of mind.

I can answer all of your questions. I can evaluate your message. I can help you define your ideal reader. I can guide you through brainstorming, outlining and writing.

I’ll be there to provide guidance and accountability while you’re writing the first draft.

In just a few months, you can have a manuscript ready for publishing.

Get started today by booking a free discovery call.