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You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Your coaching or consulting business is successful.

Now you’re ready for the next level – to become a published author.
It’s time to demonstrate your expertise to a wider audience. To show the world there’s a different way of doing things. Your way. And it works.

Now is the time to write your book. The one you’ve been thinking about for years. Maybe you even have a half-forgotten draft on your laptop somewhere.

You’re ready to grow your business. To position yourself as a leader in your industry. To increase your influence. To jump-start your speaking career.

But …

You have no idea where to start. There are so many questions:

Does my idea work? Will anybody buy my book? How do I put this all together? Is my message clear? Where do I find the time to write? Do I self publish or go the traditional route?

It’s easy to feel frustrated, overwhelmed and confused. There seems to be an endless list of questions to answer.

I am here to give you peace of mind.

I can answer all of your questions. I can evaluate your message. I can help you define your ideal reader. I can guide you through brainstorming, outlining and writing.

I’ll be there to provide guidance and accountability while you’re writing the first draft.

In just a few months, you can have a manuscript ready for publishing.

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I was always the girl with her nose stuck in a book.

I’ve loved playing with words for as long as I can remember. In the sixth grade, I used to write and illustrate my own books. I can still remember the first short story I studied in high school. In college, I majored in English.

I’ve worked as a proofreader at an advertising agency. I directed alumni communications at a public university.

I’ve written or edited everything from journal articles to museum labels to white papers to website copy – and much, much more.

My house is filled with books and I’m always buying more. When I’m not reading books, I’m writing them. My novel The Bastian Bride will be published in 2019.

I live and breathe books and writing. So I’m in an ideal position to guide you on your journey to published author.

One of my core values is knowledge. I love working with really smart people who have great ideas. I want to help give your message a wider audience.

If you have the ideas, I can help you form them into a dynamic and inspiring book that will give more people exposure to your genius.

Work With Me

My superpower is gathering and organizing large amounts of information – and I learn really quickly. Through an iterative process, we’ll brainstorm ideas for your book, create a structured outline, then write a writing plan with clear goals and dates.

I don’t want you to just “get through” writing a book. I want you to have fun while you’re doing it! Writing a book is hard, but I’ll support you all the way. I’ll listen to your thoughts if you get stuck. And if you miss a deadline, I’ll get you back on track as soon as possible.

You can do this. And I can help.

Here’s what some of my other clients have said about working with me.

  • I've worked with Susan to edit various personal projects over the past 20 years because I can rely on her to clean up my prose. She can read between the lines and help me articulate what I truly mean. Working with her improves the final product in every possible way. I know we'll be working together on future projects.

    William Pretzer, Ph.D. | Historian and Museum Professional
  • One of the reasons I enjoy working with Susan is that she always keeps the intended audience in mind. Susan acts as the audience's advocate, ensuring that the message of any communication is clear, concise and meets the audience's needs. She's also very encouraging, friendly, and supportive when working with new writers, helping to make the process less overwhelming.

    Stephanie Reasons | Vice President, Techworld Language Solutions
  • I’ve been thinking about writing a book for a long time – over several false starts and almost two decades. Working with Susan, I have so much more clarity around not only what I want to write but the process as well. I have a trusted adviser who has my best interests at heart. It’s very comforting to know she will keep me accountable as I fit in writing a book around running my business. Susan is working from a deep sense of passion and love for reading and writing that cannot be manufactured. I know I am in good hands!

    David Foster | Chief Mojo Finder, Beyond Your Limits

The Process

Writing a book is like building a house.

You need to follow a specific step of steps in a particular order. Here’s how we’ll put your book together:

Building the Foundation: Your Brand Strategy And How Your Book Fits In

How will your book support your brand? How will it fit in with the other ways you market your business? What do you want this book to do for you, your company and your career?

Drawing Up The Blueprints: Creating Your Book Outline

This is the fun part – honest! This is where we brainstorm all the potential ideas. If you already have a draft or even a few chapters, we can use those to get started.

The goal here is to get everything out of your head and into a place where we can play with it, move ideas around and come up with the structure. Then we can create the outline.

Building The House: Time To Write!

Once you have a writing plan with SMART goals, it’s time for you to write your book! I’ll be there along the way to hold you accountable and help you get unstuck. The more motivated you are, the sooner you can have your first draft done.

Review: Does The House Match The Blueprints?

Now we need to make sure that the book you wrote matches the framework we built in Step 1. I’ll do a full edit of your manuscript with specific feedback for you to work into your second draft.

Design: Formatting, Design and Preparing For Publication

If you’d like additional help after the first draft is complete, I can help advise on working with other vendors throughout the publication process. This is priced on a retainer basis and can only be purchased if you also buy my basic book package.

Questions? Book a discovery call so we can go into the process in more depth.

Have some questions about writing your book?

Writing a book is a great goal to have, but knowing where to start can be a challenge.  I'd love to learn more about you and the book you'd like to write. Start here!


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